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TDM Paris StudioThe Dailey Method® is San Francisco’s original barre class exclusively in Europe at the Dailey Studio, Paris 16th.

It is unique combination of ballet barre work, core conditioning, muscle strengthening, yoga, and orthopedic exercises.

This challenging one-hour class effectively strengthens, tones and lengthens the entire body. All movement is controlled and very focused, effective, and safe. Proper alignment is our primary focus. Then each set of exercises is followed by a series of active stretches to develop more sculpted and supple muscles. The entire body and mind is constantly working throughout class. Through this process ones body, posture, and physical awareness will be transformed.

Founded  in 2000, The Dailey Method currently has 60+ studios open across the US, Canada, Mexico and Paris, France.


  With Dr. Catherine Serfaty Lacroisnière,  Coach Stacy Bennison & Osteopath Brenda Ferrand

Your 10 Day Dailey Detox

10 days and 10 reasons to join our Dailey Detox

        • On-line consultation with our Detox nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach & Osteopath
        • « Dailey » holistic tips how:  How to live your Dailey Detox during the 10 days
        • Menus, shopping lists and delicious recipes that you’ll use again and again
        • Discover our signature « smoothies » and their recipes
        • Ask all your questions on-line and receive your answer (French & English)
        • Share and be encouraged but your Dailey Detox community on our private Facebook page
        • Boost your immunities
        • Lose the winter pounds and get summer-ready
        • Find your healthy glow

For those who don’t want to cook or don’t have the time, we offer alternative Dailey Detox Approved* meals and delivery services

Dailey Method Master Class at The Grand Palais! 

click here to watch the video by Studiojhk

Dailey Interval! 


Dailey Interval  is a 45-minute interval class that is a great compliment to our traditional Dailey Method classes. It is based on the same foundation and alignment principles but provides amazing heart strengthening benefits by combining periods of high and low intensity movements. Your heart rate will be elevated and then brought down multiple times within each class for optimal caloric burn

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Women Who Mean Business
« Kelly Dailey is one woman who has succeeded. She opened her fitness studio in March 2006 and teaches The Dailey Method at her tranquil premises in Paris’s chic 16th arrondissement…. « If I’de known how hard it was going to be I don’t know if I would have done it » says Kelly,  » you can do things in France. The favorite motto here is – ce n’est pas possible – but it is, it’s just harder than elsewhere.
Lizzie Harwood
The French Paper, May, 2009

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