Take your Dailey Method practice onto the Dance Floor!

DANCE, DARE, INSPIRE…  dance your way into making this world a better place.

THE DAILEY METHOD PARIS is happy to announce our partnership with

FinalLogoEAE_03 Ambassador of Hope Dance School.

L’école Ambassadeur d’espérance is a dance school état offers a revolutionary, holistic approach to discovering the world of dance.  It provides high profile, professional dance instructors in a fun environment and combines dance and compassion works.  

1 class taken = a participation that goes towards a humanitarian action.

Starting September 11, 2017 classes will be offered 4 nights a week for adults (Tuesday – Friday) plus regular special guest teachers  « Guest Connexion » on Monday nights throughout the year.

Children’s Hip Hop classes on Wednesday evenings at 18:00 and Thursdays at 17:00*.

Payment on-site only,  reserve your class on-line or by email at: ambassadeur.desperance@gmail.com

Adult classes

Tuesdays,  20:45:          Jazz Rock - with Christian

Wednesdays 20:30:      Contemporary/Modern with Stéphanie

Thursdays  20:30:         Hip Hop- with Aminata Crazystyle 

Fridays 19:30:                DanceHall - with Sara

Fridays  20:30                Dare to Dance  - with Aminata Crazystyle


Children’s classes

Wednesdays 18h00:      Children’s Hip Hop  - with Stephanie 

Thursdays 17:00:           Hip Hop Discovery Class for 5-7 year olds*-

* this is a private class, please contact ambassadeur.desperance@gmail.com  for more information

Click here to read about your dance teachers!

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