The Dailey Method Studio, Paris

about-sistersCome and experience San Francisco’s original barre class – The Dailey  Method® in Paris! This « sister » studio offers you a luxurious hidden-away workout haven in the chic environs of the 16th, just down the street from the Arc-de-Triomphe.

The Dailey Method is a family affair!  Since it’s opening in 2006, The Paris Studio is run by Kelly Daily Vinoche, sister of The Dailey Method® founder, Jill Dailey.  An ex-gymnast and dancer, Kelly completed a Master Instructor’s Certification Program in San Francisco in 2003 before importing the method to France. Married to a Frenchman, Kelly has been living in France since 1989. Her daughter Sarah, an ex-gymnast herself, started taking Dailey Method classes when she was 11, and in 2016 ha become the  first « 2nd generation Dailey Method Studio Manager » .  Together as mother and daughter, Kelly and Sarah bring you this fantastic barre class based method, while sometimes adapting the course to better fit the Parisian life-style.

In Paris, The Dailey Method® classes are given in French, English and now in Spanish and are offered everyday at a variety of hours throughout the week. The classes are effective, upbeat and fun. Ultitmately, it is an awesome alternative to having a personal coach.

The Dailey Method history

Jill Dailey McIntosh, founder of The Dailey Method®, has a degree in Kiniseology and was a Pilates teacher trainer.  During the 1990′s, she co-owned a Pilates and personal training & nutrition studio, « Balance » and maintained certification with the Pilates Guild, The Physical Mind Institue and ACSM.  She has also studied with several former Lotte Berk instructors.

In 2000, Jill created The Dailey Method®, the first barre class in California.  The result of her extensive knowledge, training and experience, has helped her create the most efficient mix of muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises. The Dailey Method® is a very focused and effective class that provides quick physical results.

Today, Jill, along with her business partner Doug, own and operate four studios in the San Francisco Bay Area and have become a growing franchise with + 60 studios across the US, Canada and Mexico City.

Kelly Dailey Vinoche, owner and founder of The Dailey Method in France, received her master teacher’s training certificate in San Francisco in 2003 under Jill. As a dancer and ex-gymnast and married to a Frenchman, Kelly has used her love for exercise and dance as well as her over 20 years of cultural experience to slightly adapt the Method to meet the needs of the French culture and the pace of the Parisian life-style.

In April of 2006, Kelly opened The Dailey Studio in Paris’ 16th arrondisement.  Today, The Dailey Method® Paris studio is run by Kelly and her franco-american daughter, Sarah.  Offering clients classes in French, English and Spanish. The classes are taught by a dynamic international team.   The Dailey Method® is an excellent way to gain strength, flexibility and grace… everything needed for excelling in postural balance and is a great compliment to any sport, whether golf, dance, tennis or running, both for the amateur or the professional.