How is The Dailey Method® different from other fitness studio programs?

The exercises are non-impact, but are weight bearing which provides clients the most efficient method to exercise the muscles at their core. Clients see physical results quickly because the muscles respond naturally to this approach. Unlike a large traditional fitness class, clients receive individualized attention.

How often does a client need to attend a class to see results?

Clients attending class three times per week, for six weeks, experience a significant increase in their strength and flexibility and notice improved tone in their body. Greater results are achieved with more frequency per week and continuity over time.

Do clients need to be at a certain fitness level or age to attend The Dailey Method®?

Anyone interested in improving their fitness level; including increased strength, flexibility, stamina, and body awareness are welcome. Our clients range from 14 to 70 years old.

Is The Dailey Method® an aerobic workout?

This program provides clients deep, efficent muscle fitness without a direct aerobic element. However, more advanced clients keep their heart rate elevated as they participate more vigorously.

Can The Dailey Method® help me with injury prevention or rehabilitation?

Yes, The Dailey Method® is a very safe form of exercise based on orthopedic exercises. All of the exercises emphasize working the body with proper aligment and form. Through our careful instruction, the ankles, knees, hips and spine are strengthened and stabilized. Clients who have come to us with previous injuries have been amazed at the speed of their recovery.

Can I attend class during pregnancy?

Yes, The Dailey Method® is a very safe workout for pre and post-natal care. Many of our clients, including Jill Dailey McIntosh, have attended classes throughout their pregnancies. A few minor modifications make this class a very thorough and effective workout to help women look and feel their best. Please note that a written consent from your doctor is required.

Why does The Dailey Method® have such a strong emphasis on core conditioning?

Your core is the powerhouse where all efficent movement begins. Regular conditioning of the core muscles is vital for supporting the back and preventing injuries. In addition, helping to correct posture and ensure functional movement patterns. The abdominal muscles are a primary and very important part of the core. The Dailey Method® classes emphasize strengthening the abdominal muscles from start to finish.