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Dailey-newsEH BIEN DANSEZ MAINTENANT! – L’Option Tradi
« Celle qui redoutent les cours peuvent essayer la Dailey Method, une technique made in San Francisco alliant travail à la barre et renforcement musculaire. Idéale pour se remettre en piste en douceur. »
Elle Paris, 18 mars 2011

PEOPLE – Les adresses de Yara Lapidus
« J’ai découvert ce cours de gym en septembre dernier quand je devais me remettre au sport. Le mélange Pilates, stretching et yoga est une combinaison douce mais vraiment efficace. On se muscle tout en longueur et en finesse. »
Yara Lapidus (Chanteuse NeoPop-Orientale)
Elle Paris, 4 avril 2009

Dailey-news-2Women Who Mean Business
« Kelly Dailey is one woman who has succeeded. She opened her fitness studio in March 2006 and teaches The Dailey Method at her tranquil premises in Paris’s chic 16th arrondissement…. « If I’de known how hard it was going to be I don’t know if I would have done it » says Kelly,  » you can do things in France. The favorite motto here is – ce n’est pas possible – but it is, it’s just harder than elsewhere.
Lizzie Harwood
The French Paper, May, 2009

Paris Fashion Week Calendar – PARIS : SCENE
« NO SWEAT: American Kelly Dailey Vinoche — who runs the Paris outpost of the San Francisco-based fitness program The Dailey Method, founded by her sister — leads 75-minute, Pilates-based classes that have gathered a following among fashionable and time-pressed clients who appreciate not having to shower after every workout. Proceeds from some classes and other studio-sponsored private events currently benefit two orphanages in Oyugis and Kakamega, Kenya.
Tina Isaac
Womens Wear Daily, February 2009



What they are saying…

« The classes are a re-education of the body and the spirit…. »

« After my first class, I felt tonified from the inside!! »

« The Dailey Method is helping me be reconciled with my body. »

« I have regained my energy. »

« After only three sessions, my articular pains have flown away. »

« My thighs are thinner and more firm, my shoulders and arms are more defined in less than 10 sessions… »

« I feel my body opening… »

« I have never felt so beautiful! »

« The Dailey Method has made me aware of my body and all my muscles. »